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Interactive Dashboards present and visualise data in an engaging and intuitive manner, allowing for the analysis and understanding of the dynamics of research-industry collaborations. These dashboards enable the identification of trends and patterns in the data, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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What is Research Link Australia and who is it for?

Research Link Australia (RLA) helps researchers and publicly funded research organisations to find industry partners for translating their research discovery into the development of real world products, or vice versa, to help industry to find research collaborators to enhance their R&D capabilities.

Where is the data from?

The information presented in this platform is gathered from a variety of open sources and may not have comprehensive coverage. Major data sources are listed on the left. We are continually working with information providers to improve coverage and quality.

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This project is co-designed with the ARDC and research community groups, government bodies, key data agencies, research-industry facilitators and businesses. We want to hear from our users to ensure we develop and iteratively improve RLA to meet the needs of the ongoing needs of Australian research and industry.